Linux(Ubuntu) VirtualBox-Ubuntu2204にVirtualBox Guest additionsを入れる How to install VirtualBox Guest additions on Ubuntu2204


参照元:ProgrammingKnowledge2 さん

The VirtualBox Guest Additions offer the following features:’

  • Easy mouse pointer integration.
  • Easy way to share folders between the host and the guest.
  • Drag and drop feature allows copying or opening files, copy clipboard formats from the host to the guest or from the guest to the host.
  • Share clipboard (for copy and paste) of the guest operating system with your host operating system.
  • Better video support provides accelerated video performance.
  • Better Time synchronization between guest and host.
  • Standard host/guest communication channels.
  • Seamless Windows features allows you to run windows of your guest operating system seamlessly next to the windows of your host.



画面は確かに良くなりました。今までscale modeにしてもfull screen にしても縦横比がhostと同じにはなりませんでしたが、Guest Additonsを入れることにより違和感がなくなりました。

私にとってもう一つ良いと思う点はhost, guest間でseamlessにコピー&ペイストが出来ることです。小さな事のようですが気分がかなり楽になります。